Official Homepage of the EFF Economic Freedom Fighters?

There seems to be a huge confusion about which website is the CURRENT and OFFICIAL homepage of the South African political party Economic Freedom Fighters. Let’s look at the options:

  1. www.economicfreedomfighters.orgEFF
    These days the website clearly states “This is not the official EFF website, it is a supporter website, but when this website started operating on the 12th of July 2013 it used a rather official looking logo until it was removed. On Twitter they are active as @EFF_Supporters.
    Appears to be the old ‘official’ homepage of the EFF, but is still online, despite not getting any update since early May 2016. Does mention @EconFreedomZA as the Twitter-account of their Headquarters.
    New website, first found online in May 2016, possibly the new ‘official’ website of the EFF, but there’s no clear communication regarding a relaunch to be found. Verified twitter account @EFFSouthAfrica has by far the most followers and is referencing this as it’s homepage.
    You are here. Nothing official, except we also clearly link out to all EFF organizations like the EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Economic Freedom Fighters.